JUNO kicks off!

Recap of the first JUNO Pop-Up Self Defense Trainings. 

About a week ago JUNO popped up for the first time in Amsterdam and Utrecht and we kicked off our new Self Defense program with a group of super enthusiastic girls. 

February 15, 19:15 at Belcampo Loft/ De Hallen Amsterdam: The new JUNO flag is showing the way to the entry of the location where the first JUNO Self Defense trainings for Amsterdam will be held for the coming months, right across Filmhallen. Synthia Stoffer, Chief Trainer and Creator of JUNO and her co-trainer Miriam van Hoven await with high expectations the first attendees that have signed up for a unique new program that launches today.

Synthia has spend the last 12 months to bring to life her vision about making women stronger, more self-aware and safe. Everything is set up and ready to go. The first attendees arrive; a nice diverse group of girls with passports from Italy, Uruguay, Denmark and the Netherlands. The girls have signed up for a 2 hour introduction course called JUNO Cool Basics and listen to Synthia who explains the structure of the course.

And so the first training starts.


Synthia's passion and excitement of actually being able to share what she is so passionate about kicks in. After a dynamic warm up the group starts to relax. Synthia talks about personal appearance and the importance of using your voice and taking your gut feelings/ intuition serious in all situations. 

We dive deeper into the second part of the lesson, covering combatives and setting personal boundaries. The palm strike, as Synthia explains, is one of the most effective striking techniques women should know. There's less risk of injury, you can repeat the punch multiple times and it is just as impactful and effective as striking with your bare knuckles. The girls have fun and enjoy the physical workout; being able to punch as hard on the pads as they can while focussing on the correct technique. Elbow strikes, knees and groin kicks follow. Synthia talks about the importance of timing and creating space in order to achieve an effective counter response.

The third part focusses on pure Self Defense techniques. We start with a wrist release and how to free yourself when someone grabs your wrist and tries to pull you away. Miriam and Synthia give helpful tips, correct positions where needed and quickly see improvements. Next is a situation you always should try to avoid: ending up on the ground. We learn basic positions you should take when you surprisingly fall down and end up on the ground; Synthia shows how to move, how to create space and get up as quickly as possible. The head lock is the final technique we learn today. It's a situation most women fear. What if an attacker surprises you from behind and puts his hand on your mouth? 

And finally, putting it all together! The energy level rises, we are using all combatives and self defense techniques we learned today in one drill: kicking and punching, getting attacked in different situations and under a little bit of stress. The girls are huffing and puffing and laughing, and are happy when Synthia finally stops the timer.  

The take away for the girls is that they actually are stronger than they think they are. The smiles are big, many feel empower and are ready to take on the next course in March: the JUNO Kick-Ass Bootcamp!

JUNO Girls Amsterdam

February 18, 14:00 at Reflex Krav Maga Trainingscenter, Utrecht:

The first JUNO training in Utrecht is fully booked. The group is super enthusiastic and engaged, enjoying the physical workout and mental skills they learn. At the end of the course people thank Synthia for a great and extremely relevant training and are excited about having learned so many key techniques in such short time, "a nice and empowering class" one girls says.

Thank you again to all of you who joined our first pop-up sessions in Amsterdam and Utrecht. We're happy you took the time and opportunity to train with us. We hope that everyone took away something very useful; we know we have, and we will evaluate and further improve based on your feedback! 

Upon your request, we have already added a few new events right away including a 6-week program. Sign up on time to reserve your spot, our new E-Com site is up and running! 

Coming up:

  • March 18: JUNO Cool Basics (2h): Amsterdam, 11:15h - 13:15h
  • March 18: JUNO Cool Basics (2h): Utrecht, 15:00h - 17:00h
  • April 1: Kick-Ass Bootcamp (3h): Utrecht, 13:00h - 16:00h
  • April 8: Kick-Ass Bootcamp (3h): Amsterdam, 14:00 - 17:00h 
  • New - May 10 - June 14: Sisterhood Program (6-weeks a 75min): Utrecht, 19:15h - 20:30h
  • New - May 13 - July 1: Sisterhood Program (6-weeks a 75min): Amsterdam, 11:15h - 12:30h


Until next time!

Your JUNO Team.

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JUNO Utrecht 06
JUNO Utrecht
JUNO Utrecht
JUNO Girls Utrecht