JUNO goes VondelGym!

VondelGym X JUNO kick off a new special clinic for women! Since JUNO Self Defense Training has landed in Amsterdam and a new VondelGym has popped up in the east neighbourhood, it was time to join forces for a shared mission to make women stronger and more self-aware. 

On April 2nd we are introducing a special clinic at VondelGym Oost. Train with one of the highest ranking female trainers in the world of Krav Maga and get to know physical & mental skills that can be life-saving.

·                Exclusive training with one of the world’s best Self Defense Trainers
·                Calorie-torching body workout
·                Perfect for women of all fitness levels
·                Focus on Awareness & Prevention skills
·                Customized Program for max. 12 participants

For VondelGym members only.
Watch our video: https://vimeo.com/199227386

Watch this space!:)