Part 3: 15 Travel Safe tips for Women - ACTION

It is hard to imagine how horrible an assault would be if it happened to yourself and even worse when it happened far away from home. The good news are that these assaults are rare. Being aware of it and having a plan though is necessary if we find ourselves at the wrong time at the wrong place with the wrong person. You don’t want to be a target. Male sexual assault attackers often look for women who are inattentive, busy or intoxicated; who have long hair they can grab, who look defenceless and whom they can assault without being noticed. They tend to assault women only if they think they can get away with it. If they feel a woman could be trouble, they will usually look for a more willing and less complicated victim.

Use your common sense.

1. Walk the street as self-assured as if you belonged there and owned the streets.

2. Watch your drinking. Over-consumption dulls your senses and judgement and slows your reaction time. It makes you more vulnerable to others.

3. If it doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct and get away as fast as possible.

4. De-escalate if it is money they are after, give it to them. Don’t challenge them, don’t give any reason to attack, agree rather than disagree. Stay calm and look for logical opportunity to leave.

5. Use your strengths if you can’t get away and if it looks like you have to fight. Strike first and as hard as you can. Use the element of surprise. Often men don't expect a women to fight.


Don’t trust people too quickly.

6. Never tell people you’re traveling alone or that it is your first visit to a certain city or country. Lie if you have to, the universe will forgive you. There is no need to advertise your vulnerability.

7. Some traveling friendships may turn into lifelong friendship but they don’t always do. Take things slowly and know that it is not rude to be cautious. Let them earn your trust.

8. If you sense someone is following you, turn right around and look at him/her. They know they’ve been seen and can be described to the authorities and that you are aware of them following you.

9. Rapists come in all sizes and shapes, including clean cut, well dressed, friendly, very young or very old men. Listen to your gut feeling and don’t be alone.

10. If you’re driving, don’t pull over if another car signals you. Get to a populated area first.


Fight back if there IS no other option.

11. Strike first and as hard as you can, use the element of surprise.

12. Continue fighting until you have the space to get away, use your elbows, poke them in the eye.

13. Never ever give up!

14. Be aggressive, yell and put all your force into this fight. Your life is depending on this!

15. If you get away, go directly to a safe place and report the incident.


I strongly advise women travelling solo to do a specialised Self Defense training for women prior to their travel. It takes you through the steps of common physical attack scenarios. It is then no longer theoretical. You learn and practise every step. You learn to see possibilities and actions you can take in order to respond and counter attack if needed. Your response will become more automatic when you physically practise the techniques as often as possible and you might even gain a few more essential seconds to escape danger.

For small group and privat training sessions please contact us under more about the new Self Defense training JUNO here.

It's better to have the tools and not need them, than vice versa!

Synthia Stoffer

JUNO Self Defense.